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Explore the captivating world of
HaHa Hyenas!

A collection of 5,555 unique pieces of art celebrating the wild and fun spirit of Web3 and Comedy fans worldwide! Coming to the BASE Network 🔵

✅  Unique generated NFTs

✅  15 Legendary 1 of 1 Hyenas

✅  Over 200 Comedy and Web3 inspired traits

✅  Community pass

✅  Working state of the art metaverse comedy club

✅  Minting profits will support charities

HaHa Hyenas
Comedy Club

A collection of 5,555 unique pieces of art celebrating the wild and fun spirit of Web3 and Comedy fans worldwide! Coming to the BASE Network 🔵

✅  Unique generated NFTs

✅  15 Legendary 1 of 1 Hyenas

✅  200 Comedy inspired traits

✅  Community pass

✅  Metaverse comedy club

✅  Minting profits will support charities




We have committed to a fair and easy to understand distribution method. There will be only two phases for our mint:

– Whitelist Holders

– Public Mint

Whitelist Holders mint .015 ETH Public mint price .02 ETH

(Transactions fee’s will apply too)

Ha Ha Roadmap


STEP 1WL Mint 0.15  / Public Mint 0.02

STEP 2NFT reveal 72 hrs after sell out!

STEP 3Metaverse comedy club opens

STEP 4Snapshot voting system

STEP 5 IRL Events & Merch

STEP 6 More…. you decide!

Meet The Team


My name is Greg Brown and I’m the Founder of HaHa Hyenas, I have worked over a year building the infrastructure, team, and vision for this project and can’t wait for you to see it.


I made my comedy debut in 2017 after launching the popular YouTube and TikTok channel, 7 Day Summary. During that time, I was responsible for writing over 50 weekly jokes.


I graduated from the Institute of Art and Design in Uzbekistan and then became the chief artist for the Assai Design Studio. Here I developed my own style and love for digital art.


My family own and run an events venue here in Derbyshire UK. My background is sales and marketing and in the last few years I have been exploring NFTs and Web3 technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

HaHa Hyenas is a collection of 5,555 unique and randomly generated NFTs living on the BASE Blockchain. Each NFT acts as your membership to a community of like minded comedians and comedy fans and is filled with utility to be used within the HaHa Hyena ecosystem.

Besides the fantastic art each unique Hyena comes with tons of utility. This NFT works as your membership to a metaverse comedy club and discord that gives you access to informational channels, writing groups, virtual open mics, virtual comedy shows in our metaverse club and so much more. Please see our roadmap for all of the utility we offer as well as keep an eye on the ⁠📢 announcements channel for new and upcoming utilities!

HaHa Hyenas was created by 2 comedians who saw an opportunity to blend together comedy and web3 technology to create lasting value in the form of a NFT project. Our team will is fully doxxed, which means you know exactly who is behind the project and you can check us out on the team section of this website.

Mint funds will be used to facilitate the utility of the project as well as a portion of the mint funds will go to the main team who invested all of their time and money to create the project. We believe our transparency of where our funds go and to whom should give a sense of security to our holders. If you have any questions just ask!

There are 5,555 HaHa Hyenas including 15 unique 1 of 1 legendary Hyenas!

There are over 200 different and unique comedy and web3 inspired traits in our collection, plus 15 Legendary Hyenas that are uniqye 1/1 art. This will insure a large variety of different combinations for each of the 5,555 unique HaHa Hyenas. 

By minting a HaHa Hyena NFT or buying one off of the secondary market is all you need to enjoy the benefits of the project. Once you hold our NFT and verify your holdings on Discord you will gain access to all the information and utility our project holds. For information on how to verify your NFT please access the discord channel and visit the FAQ page on our Discord.